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UPDATED 11/21/19

Mini Lops

GC Pitter Patter's Bad Romance X Sugar's Tsunami due 11/6 

Sugar's She Devil X DeSurra's Felix NAGI due 12/3


Mountain Ledge's Lacey X Silver Bluff Masterpiece due 12/3

Silver Bluff Black Fudge X Silver Bluff Masterpiece due 12/3

JT Hoppers Lilly x Silver Bluff Cup-o-Gold 12/3

Silver Bluff's Oreo x JT Hoppers (John Cena) due 12/7

Gaga-Chaperone litter 2/2018

Litter Pictures

Landslide-Tango litter 2/2018

Litter Pictures

Lily-John Cena litter 2/2018

Litter Pictures
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