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About PPR

Welcome to Pitter Patter Rabbitry! We are a small hobby rabbitry located in upstate NY. At PPR we focus on breeding purebred, show quality, double maned Lionheads and Mini Lops.

Our involvement started with our daughters wanting to be a part of 4H and showing our bunnies. Currently we have a 4H rabbit club that we run locally and enjoy sharing what we know about bunnies with others! We have fallen in-love with these two breeds, ML and LH. Specifically, due to their sweet loving temperament as well as their small size for kids to handle and be involved with.


We are an ARBA recognized rabbitry and are current members of NALRC and AMLRC, as well as MLRCA. Our rabbits competitively show and we strive to breed to the best Breed Standards.


At PPR we breed our Lionheads and Mini Lops to improve type according to the Standard of Perfection. We register most all of our show rabbits.


As with any species, temperament is a crucial factor-but more so in showing, breeding and offering companion pets. We focus our efforts on breeding top quality rabbits that will hopefully place well at a show as well as bring joy to families that are wanting to add a new furry family member. All rabbits are sold with full disclosure to the best of our knowledge. Pet quality rabbits are sometimes offered to pet homes with no breeding rights and no pedigree. We occasionally have rabbits that can go to pet homes.

In Lionheads we focus on Chocolates and Torts. I want to thank Barb Fisher from Silver Bluff, Christine Sharp from JT Hoppers and Kelly Liana from Autumn Breeze; for being wonderful mentors and entrusting us with their beautiful animals! Thank you for always being there to guide and answer questions for us. Our lionheads have done very well for us on the show table and my children could not be more proud or excited for their future!

Our Mini Lop foundation is amazing! Thank you to Brandy Burroughs-Dunn for our amazing start with mini lops! We’d be lost with out such a wonderful mentor and friend. Our top rabbits are offspring from other wonderful breeders such as Chris Mackprang, Chris DeSurra, Jason Scott and Travis Valadez.  Our rabbitry foundation is also from wonderful breeders such as Ashley Bradley from Triple A Farms. GC PPR PAPARAZZI was awarded BOSB (1/99), 1st place (1/19), BOSV (1/41) at 2018 ARABA National Convention in Mass! She eared her 3rd leg under judge Dan Daniels as a JBD. She is the sweetest and is a true example of what we strive for! At 9 months she has 6 legs. Other amazing rabbits that have won consistently for us are RIS, GC PPR Smutty Nose (13 legs) and GC PPR Bethany (9 legs)

PPR is a CLOSED rabbitry. This means we don’t invite people that we don’t personally know over to tour or pick from litters. We work very hard to keep our rabbits happy and healthy, spending countless hours doing so. By inviting strangers in we are exposing our rabbits to germs and illness that could literally wipe out our entire bunny family. Most people don’t understand the dangers of what germs from other farm animals, etc can do to rabbits. Sadly we also risk having extremist pose as pet buyers and we will not risk our family nor our rabbitry’s safety.


We are happy to meet you at a mutual location to see what may work for you and address any questions you may have. At PPR we will always stay in contact with you and you may always reach out to us for advice and guidance. If we don’t know an answer-we will be honest-and guide you in the correct direction.

Thank you~ PPR

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